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Lost Idols - Puzzle Crusade

Free Game DownloadsDo you have what it takes to be the next Indiana Jones? Find out if you have the necessary logical skills and nerves of steel in your quest for the Lost Idols!

In this puzzle/adventure game, the Golden Idols have been stolen from the sacred monastery. You must travel to the high Himalayan mountains and deep caverns and retrieve them. However, your task will not be simple because the thief has hidden these treasures within treacherous and cunningly designed 3D levels.

So stay sharp, and watch your step. One wrong step could have you walking into a dead end from which there is no escape, or even plunging down cliffs or bottomless pits. Encounter obstacles such as collapsing floors, slippery ice panels and guardian creatures which block your way, as well as switches and elevators which can help you on your quest for the stolen idols.

The puzzles start simple and get progressively harder and more complex, but it is the challenge which makes the game fun. Think in 3D and use the camera to rotate, zoom in/out and view the levels from all angles before you plan your next move.

Enjoy detailed 3D graphics which are scaleable according to your system specifications, and an engaging soundtrack and sound effects which makes you feel the fun and excitement of quest you are on.

Download the demo version now and enjoy 10 levels of puzzle solving fun. Then get the full version which features 100 levels, a level editor for endless variety of challenges, and even more incredible background music, sound effects and stunning graphics. Lost Idols brings the fun factor back into logic games.

Click here to download two BONUS levels (FREE)

Free Game Downloads
Free Game Downloads

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Download Size - 3.6 MB

Only US$ 19.95. Click here for more info about ordering.
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System Requirements
-Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
-Pentium PII 300
-DirectX compatible video card (3D accelaration and 16 MB Video-RAM recommended)
-32mb ram or better.
-20 megs free hard drive space.
-DirectX 7.0 or higher

Free Game Downloads
Free Game Downloads
Free Game Downloads